The GMS Daily Photoblog

    One of the primary motivators of the women who agreed to pose for their Great Model Search photo shoot was getting spectacular and provocative photos for their social media. Usually within minutes of receiving their photos, the models would begin posting on social media, principally on Facebook,, Twitter and on their profiles at various dating sites.

    But the photos they seemed to like posting the most, and certainly the ones that drew the greatest and most ardent responses were the most provocative ones. But that raised a problem. Social media sites have standards. Those standards are often vague and loosely and usually inconsistently applied. It’s as if each censor reviewing photos acts completely autonomously, deciding which photos were acceptable and which exceed their own personal standards were neither consistent, nor uniformly


    By 2011 censors at these social media

sites began to see photos showing up on

member profiles that were definitely more

sophisticated and provocative than the

snapshots and selfies they were

accustomed to. These photos were easy to

spot because of the large banner on each

shot that read GWK Images, looking

almost like a magazine masthead.   

    Censors responded quickly and harshly.

Even though the photos weren’t any more

revealing than other photos that populated

profiles, or even photos the site producers

posted themselves, they were hot and the

members featured in them quite different

from most of the many younger models

who also used these same sites to self

promote and grow their fan base.    

    As the photos began showing up in

greater numbers, and on more and more

profiles the censors turned up their

scrutiny. Even photos as innocuous as

head shots and straight fashion shots in

casual wear were deleted without

warning or comment, sometimes within

seconds of their posting.   

    The GMS models were becoming hugely popular and some of them had followers numbering in thousands, a few in the tens of thousands. Facebook and responded by not just deleting photos, they began deleting the profiles of GMS models without warning or reason, the profiles were simply erased. The GMS models were understandably crushed and discouraged, many felt they had been discriminated against because they saw nothing in their photos that warranted such harsh judgment or actions.

    It became clear to GMS producer, Gary Keith that the GMS models needed an environment where they could post their photos without concern the shots would be summarily deleted by censors. So the GMS Daily Photoblog ( was born.

    The Photoblog is free to visit and view and no registration is required. Each day a new photo of a GMS model is featured along with some insights about the model, the photo shoot or the photo itself. Since October of 2012, Photoblog has gone through several incarnations. More than a thousand photos of the GMS models have been posted there including some that featured semi-nude or nude work.

    The photos are selected by GMS producer, Gary Keith and while the great majority of the photos posted are from GWK Images, Keith encouraged the models to post photos from their photo shoots with other photographers. Photos from guest photographers always are accompanied by accreditation of the author of the photo. A few of the models have commented that having the Photoblog to offer has helped them land assignments with some photographers who otherwise don’t have a ready option to post their work.

    In the Fall 2012, fan sites for the GMS models were added. The fan sites are websites personalized for each of the models, a space on the Internet where they may post the photos they like best from their photo shoots and provide their friends and fans with the latest news  and information and where their fans can contact their favorite GMS models via various interactive features including voicemail, email and a dedicated chatroom. The fan sites are free to visit and all the features are available to anyone who visits. While registration is not required, visitors may join the fan sites of their favorite models and be added to update and newsletter mailing lists.

    The latest update of the Photoblog was introduced in April, 2014. While there is never a charge to visit or view anything on the Photoblog, visitors can register to receive notifications and invitations to attend public GMS Meet & Greets or participate in future GMS group photo shoots.


GMS Photoblog

GMS model, Allie Laine is seen here on the cover page of the GMS Daily Photoblog Portraits of all of the GMS models rotate continuously on the cover. The photoblog is free to visit and is the online home of the Great Model Showcase models.