GMS Partnerships

GMS Partnership Opportunities

    If you share our vision, message and purpose of the GMS and you have a product, service, publication, or event you feel could benefit from utilizing the GMS as a promotional partner, or if you have a product or service that you feel would be beneficial or even essential to the success of the GMS or its constitute models, we want to talk with you.

   It’s taken a decade to find, recruit, and prepare the models of The Great Model Showcase to be ready to become a valued promotional partner in the mainstream media. The curtain is about to go up on the future of this photo project turned modeling and cultural tour de force.

    If the models of the GMS are to succeed and the GMS is to achieve the commercial success it is seeking, these achievements won’t be made alone or in a vacuum. To be their best and to project the best possible image, the GMS needs friends and partners, those with the skills and capabilities to assist the GMS in its fulfilling its mission.

We are actively seeking partners who can lend the GMS their expertise and bring their unique talents to the GMS.

    We are also seeking forward thinking marketers and advertisers who recognize the unique outreach the GMS represents.

    This media guide, sent to an initial mailing list of over 400 media, modeling and fashion leaders, bloggers, and commentators is an ongoing media development tool aimed at growing the profile and promote the mission of the GMS. Its not a document, but portal designed to promote an ongoing dialogue with these cultural and industry leaders and the media. The list continues to grow and we offer to add the essential contacts of our partners to the list so that they receive due recognition for their support.

    The GMS can offer trade for services, sponsorships and online and onsite visibility opportunities at GMS events. Call Gary Keith at 714 815 4737 for details.

Hair stylists

Make-up artists

A multi location fitness center or gym

Personal physical trainers experienced in body sculpting



Branded clothing, gear and tailoring services

Staging, lighting, and audio services

Photo studio and production sound stage

Make-up and beauty aides