June 1, 2014

GMS Model Serena Tremayne Accepted into Ms Senior California Pageant

   Great Model Showcase model, Serena Tremayne has been accepted to compete in the 2014 Ms. Senior California Pageant. She will compete in the Ms. Senior Long Beach preliminary round, June 27-28, 2014 under her legal name, Leslie Bartholomew. The statewide pageant will be held August 23, 2014 in Westminster.

    “I am so excited to be a part of the Ms Senior California Pageant and to participate with the other incredible women in this pageant. It’s a huge challenge but I do love a challenge. I’m a native Californian so I would be honored to represent the Golden State as Ms Senior California,” said Leslie.

    In it’s fourth year, the Ms Senior California Pageant is open to women age 60+ who compete in six regional pageants with the top two from each of the preliminary rounds selected to compete for the statewide title.

    Competitors are judged in four categories: Their personal philosophy, A statement delivered from the stage during the pageant; An evening gown competition; And talent. Candidate are also interviewed by the judges in a private setting before the staged competition with the interview that accounts for 30% of the total score.

    The winner of the California statewide pageant will tour throughout her year as Ms Senior California. The winner of the state pageant will also compete in the Ms. Senior America Pageant in Atlantic City, NJ in October.

    Serena modeled in her youth in San Francisco but took a forty-five year hiatus, rekindling her modeling career at the age of 62, in 2011. Re-discovered by The Great Model Showcase in 2011, she’s become a popular photographer’s model and commercial model in southern California. Earlier this year Leslie realized one of her dreams by walking the runway in not one, but two fashion shows in southern California.

    She has been an effective voice advocating for women’s rights and against domestic violence and she is active in promoting physical and fitness for those afflicted with autoimmune diseases. Leslie herself has Lupus and Guillain–Barré Syndrome (GBS), a pair of debilitating autoimmune diseases.

    For decades Serena has endured the devastating effects of these diseases and she was confined to a wheelchair for years. She is adamant that one of the key motivations in her recovery, which is viewed by her doctors and physical therapist as miraculous, was her desire to model again.

    “The GMS changed my life and gave me this fantastic goal,” says Leslie. “I have no illusions, I know what I’ve accomplished won’t cure these terrible diseases. My hope is that by seeing a woman who has overcome her physical impairments and begun a modeling career, in her 60’s might inspire others, particularly women who suffer as I did, and do even now, or anyone who sees their age as a barrier, that all things are possible, that some limitations we impose on ourselves can be overcome.”

    Leslie’s story is inspiring but she’s not stopping there.. She has become a “gym rat” and though only a few years ago she was confined to a wheelchair, Leslie recently recorded a series of fitness videos specifically designed for those with afflictions that cause muscle and nerve damage.


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