April 20, 2014

GMS Model Chloe Publishes her latest Beauty Book

    Great Model Showcase model, Chloe Arneux has just published an e-book titled, The Ultimate Love Affair, under her nam d’ plum, Renee Devereaux.

Renee has been a consultant and advocate of natural beauty and anti-aging techniques for years and this is her latest published work.

    This book will inspire you to take very good care of yourself. You can heal yourself and your life when you care enough to learn to truly love yourself.  Not with self-indulgence and denial, but with an unconditional love that grows when you examine yourself and uncover your truth.
Discover the necessary tools to create beauty in yourself and every aspect of your life.  Learn to interpret the language of your very being by understanding the motivation for your behaviors as well as the meaning of illness and of the flaws you find objectionable.  Understand why the conscious choice of excellence as the driving force of your life is truly the key to transforming into a productive, fulfilled and beautiful YOU, naturally!

    The Ultimate Love Affair is on sale now at Apple iTunes ebook store for $8.99.

    At 70 years of age, and a stunning beauty, her own photos are her best advertisements for the effectiveness of her mind/body/soul philosophy of maintaining youthful appearance and health. A GMS model since 2013, Chloe is an accomplished consultant and model. In addition to her activities with the GMS, Chloe has modeled fashion and runway for years.

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