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Rayne Day                  

Serena Tremayne        

Shawna Torrey            

Darling K                    

Mz Solid Gold            

Allie Laine                  

Alexis Sater                

Chloe Arneux             

Exotic Gem                

Scarlett Fox                

Lovely Lovell              


    For general information regarding The Great Model Showcase, Great Model Search or any of the GMS models contact:

Gary Keith,

Producer of the GMS

714 815 4737

    The GMS models either manage their own careers or have management that is independent of The GMS to consider and book projects, individually. If you have interest in booking any of the models for projects individually, please contact the models directly with your proposal.

    If you would like to book multiple models and their involvement in your project involves their association with the GMS, please contact Gary Keith via the contact information listed above.