“Who is” the Great Model Showcase?

by Gary Keith,

Producer of The Great Model Showcase

   As I searched out the models who would eventually comprise the Great Model Showcase I knew this would be a group of models like no other. They were not going to be judged simply by their looks because no matter how beautiful any of them might be, they would face additional scrutiny simply for being so audacious as to even attempt to establish a modeling career so late in life and being so public in doing so, unfortunate, yes, but also inescapable.

    Quite without intention, I soon realized that I was not just assembling a group of amazing mature models, I was assembling a group of exceptional and fascinating women. Their stories were compelling, engrossing, even charming and most definitely interesting. They were the kind of stories

you find only in persons who have lived a life, who have experienced

the full range of life’s emotions and outcomes, who have survived or

overcome times of challenge and adversity, and who have suffered

crushing defeats, and celebrated soaring successes.

   How interesting and compelling are these stories? How about GMS

model, Mz Solid Gold, a breast cancer survivor, a fact that was

unknown to me when I originally recruited her in the Spring of 2011.

   It took nearly six months of cajoling before she finally agreed to do

that first photo shoot. I was ignorant of her illness, so I was also

unaware she was in chemotherapy at the time. Gold only recently

revealed to me that she actually came to that first photo shoot directly

from a chemotherapy treatment. She made it through a pretty rigorous

four hour shoot never letting on that she was in any discomfort.

    Gold had never been in front of a professional camera before and she was bald under the wig she wore that day. I did know it would be nearly two years before she would be able to dedicate herself to her modeling. The reason?  She had a day job-- she was serving completing 24 years in service to the United States Navy having achieved the rank of Chief Petty Officer. Her retirement came in 2013. A veteran of three wars, Gold has sailed numerous times around the world during her quarter century of service.

    Today, at 51, in addition to being a GMS model who specializes in pin-up, and the co-host of the GMS’ radio talk show, Gold is also an entrepreneur working two businesses. She’s also the administrator of the non-profit breast cancer awareness outreach she herself founded.

    In 2013, GMS model, Serena Tremayne became eligible to receive social

security benefits. A fashion, glamour, figure and fitness model at 65, Serena’s a

popular photographer’s model in southern California and she’s also participated

in several fashion shows, walking the catwalk, which is notable because barely

three years ago she couldn’t walk at all.

    Serena was wheelchair bound with not one, but a pair of serious and

debilitating diseases, the very rare Guillain–Barré Syndrome (GBS) and Lupus.

Both are autoimmune diseases that often cause muscle weakness, nerve and

tissue damage, and even paralysis.

   Described by her doctor as a medical miracle, she’s once again on her feet

and she’s rekindled her modeling career after a 45 year hiatus. Serena is natural

in every respect, with no surgical enhancements. She recently shot a series of

fitness videos with her physical therapist highlighting workout regimes for

others who live with serious nerve and tissue damage.

   A survivor of domestic violence, Serena has been recognized by the legal

community in Riverside County for her courage in pursuing the legal case that

resulted in her ex-husband being sent to prison for his violent behavior.

  Serena’s creativity isn’t limited to her modeling as she’s also a talented artist who works in several media, most notably, stained glass, watercolors, and glass sculpture.

   GMS Model, Allie Laine’s life has been a remarkable journey. Born

and raised in Hawaii, she was one of those teenage prodigies who

found herself modeling fashion and swimwear in New York as a

teenager. But as was so often the case, her time in fashion’s limelight

was brief and she soon found herself once again in paradise, where

she began a twenty year run as a high profile Polynesian dancer,

entertaining hundreds of thousands of visitors to the islands and

traveling the world dancing before huge audiences that included

royalty and heads of state.

   Life often comes with amazing twists and turns, and Allie’s is a text-

book example. She now Pahrump, Nevada home. A stone’s throw

from fabled Area 51 but perhaps best known as the home of long

time late night radio host, Art Bell, Pahrump is horse and cattle ranch

country. Allie’s current job title is: Cowboy.

   Not a cowgirl, she’s a straight up ranch hand doing a man’s job to

pay the bills between modeling assignments, which occur mostly in

Las Vegas, about an hour away. Day in and day out she bucks hay, brands cattle, rides horses and mends fences in blistering summer’s heat and biting winter’s cold. She keeps and rides her own horses and is dedicated to reinventing herself one more time, ready to trade cow pastures for catwalks and ranch chores for more girlie pursuits. The life of a cowboy isn’t an easy one and at 51, Allie’s ready to hang up her spurs for good.

    Are these the only captivating stories among the GMS models? Hardly. The GMS also features a 61 year old CEO of a successful, multi-million dollar technology company in southern California, a 55 year old who scouts talent and mentors young prospects through the NBA’s D League, and a 70 year old mind and body beauty expert, consultant and author who isn’t just a model, but a roll model on how to fight back against aging, naturally.

    And it doesn't end there. Every Great Model Showcase model is stunning and they range from petite to plus size, each with a unique and spectacular look and a fascinating back story. The GMS is also diverse, culturally and ethnically with Caucasian, African-American, Hispanic, and Asian models in the group.

    So the GMS models have spent most of the last two years coalescing into their sisterhood, supporting and encouraging each other. They’ve trained, practiced and refined their craft, done all manner of photo shoots, video assignments and they’ve walked in fashion shows and showcases. They’ve even done talk radio, all to prepare themselves for what comes next, their full immersion into the world of professional modeling.

   They’re primed to establish themselves individually, and the GMS collectively as the leading mature models in the country. And they’re anxious to show women everywhere that adding years does not subtract from a woman’s innate beauty or sexuality and that it’s never too late to pursue your dreams.


Who is the GMS?

GMS Model, Mz Solid Gold in a shot from her initial GMS photo shoot in May, 2011.

GMS model, Serena Tremayne from a 2014 photo shoot.

Allie Laine, then and now. On the left, a publicity shot taken in 1991 and on the right a shot from a GMS photo shoot taken July, 2014.