GMS Radio

GMS Radio

    For eight weeks in November and December of 2013, the GMS spread its wings and went airborne, well almost. Each week different GMS models were on the call-in talk radio show heard on to a global audience, heard in over thirty countries.

    The idea was to give the models some on air exposure and some experience doing live interviews and an opportunity to tell their stories. “I was also looking for voice talent and I found it. GMS models, Shawna Torrey and Mz Solid Gold turned out to be naturals and within four weeks, they had taken over the hosting duties for the one hour show, taking calls, conducting interviews and generally running the show.

    Each week callers joined the models on the air with some interesting questions, ranging from requests for a date, to legitimate queries about how to get into modeling. The models fielded the questions from callers and generally entertained with their stories about how they got their start in the GMS and some of their adventures since. And speaking of the audience, the numbers, while the zeros in the total audience for the pilot series weren’t huge, the show attracted more listeners each week it was on the air and the show’s podcast archives, on and on iTunes continue get “listens” months after the programs aired live.

    All of the models performed very well, so well in fact , that after the pilot season was complete, the decision was made to retool the show, format it and offer the program to sponsors so GMS Radio may return to the air in the third quarter of 2014.

    Here are some excerpts from GMS on the Air.

Mz Solid Gold, in her own words, Gold describes how she became a GMS model and 

talks about her military service 

Shawna Torrey about her early modeling and acting career

Beauty blogger, consultant and author, Chloe Arneux talks about beauty at any age

A day in the life of Allie Laine, cowboy